What is Faith and Light?

What is Faith and Light?

Faith and Light is an international Christian association that includes people with learning disabilities or learning difficulties, their families and friends.

It all all started i France in 1971, but now there are more than 1500

groups, organized in 51 provinces, in 80 countries, all over the world.


Faith and Light is made up of local Faith and Light communities.

These are groups that meet regularly, usually every month.


People with an intellectual disability are a precious gift to God. They are an important message for all: the most deprived are truly human, and can have a deep and rich inner life. Children and adults with a disability are right in the centre of a Faith and Light community.


In Faith and Light we learn to see God in all others, and specifically in those who are disabled. They are persons where God resides, persons with rich gifts to be shared, and with whom we grow in love. In our world of individualism and competition that pushes us to have more and better, Faith and Light proposes to turn toward the smallest, the humble, the wounded, those who are put aside by society.


What is so special about Faith and Light?

People who take part in the groups often says that they always feel welcome, that they feel they are seen, and that they may come as they are. In Faith and Light we want to do something together, where everyone can feel the fellowship and experience a belonging.


Our mission in the community is to create bonds of friendship between all members and to reveal to each person his/her unique gift and beauty. These bonds will allow us to grow humanly and spiritually and to find a new meaning for our life, whether we are parents, friends or persons with an intellectual disability. We are called to be witnesses, at the heart of the world, of the love of Christ for the smallest of his children.


What is a Faith and Light-group?


A Faith and Light-group usually consists of 15-40 people (children, teenagers or adults with an intellectual disability, their family and friends).    They meet once a month to share, talk, sing and celebrate together.


The groups are ecumenical and open for people from different denominations. We wish to have contact with our local church, so that the Faith and Light fellowship can grow in to a natural part of the church life.


We also try meet in between our regular meetings; to visit each other, have outings, retreats or celebrations.


It is important to have fun together and we take every opportunity to celebrate!