The Province

Faith and Light

The Province of the Northern Lights

An international Christian association for people with intellectual disabilities, their parents and friends.

    The Province of the Northern Lights consists of                           Faith and Light groups in                     Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

photo: Bud Kuenzli

Faith and Light

The Province of the Northern Lights 


Faith and Light is a Christian association that includes people with learning disabilities, their families and friends. The Province of the Northern Lights is made up of local Faith and Lights communities. These groups meet regularly, usually every month for...

friendship,   worship  and  celebration.

Faith and Light communities are just as colorful as the title written above. We are people with different abilities, but in one area we are all alike. We all need friends! In a Faith and Light community we are friends who care for each other, and have fun together.

Since the start in 1971 Faith and Light has grown, and at the moment there are 1500 Faith and Light communities, in 80 different countries throughout the world. The counties are divided into 51 provinces. The Province of the Northern Lights consists of Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

Each province has a provincial team, and this is our team:

Province coordinator

Birgitt Aarrestad


Dag Pagander

Vice coordinators

for Denmark: Kirsten Jørgensen

for Estonia: Maie Sild

for Norway: Helga Mosland Raen and Gudrun Klingsheim

for Sweden: Anne-Mette Pleijel Johnsson

International vice coordinator

Mrs. Ann Emmott, United Kingdom

The provincial team plans common events for the communities. Visiting the groups is one of the most important and joyful tasks for the team, and during this last year many of the communities have had a visit from their vice coordinator.

Dag Pagander


Birgitt Aarrestad

Province coordinator

Ann Emmott

International vice coordinator