Anne-Mette Pleijel Johnsson Vice coordinator


Faith and Light in Sweden, started in Gothenburg in 1979. Now we have six Faith and Lights communities; in Lund, Gothenburg, Floby, Linghem, Stockholm and Uppsala. 

The groups have good contact with each other, and when we meet for our annual summer camp in Vadstena, we feel that we are meeting good friends.


The camp includes lots of fun, singing, playing, good food and good fellowship. Those who want can go swimming in the lake. We start and end every day with prayer, and we also celebrate mass together. 


The last evening we have a big party, when we eat good food, and those who want can sing a song, make a mime, play an instrument or read a poem. We also have a marimba concert, when we dance to African rhythms, and finally we have disco. Some of us look forward to this last evening a year in advance!

In 2019 Faith and Light in Sweden celebrated 40-year anniversary.