Faith and Light

The Province of the Northern Lights

An international Christian association for people with intellectual disabilities, their parents and friends.

    The Province of the Northern Lights consists of                           Faith and Light groups in                     Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

photo: Bud Kuenzli

Gudrun Klingsheim

Vice coordinator

Helga Mosland Raen

Vice coordinator


Aslaug Espe, former coordinator, started Faith and Light in Norway in 1990, challenged by Jean Vanier. 

The community in Follo was the first one to start, and now there are 12 communities: Follo, Lambertseter, Modum, Lillesand, Flekkefjord, Ål, Nedre Eiker, Kongsvinger, Nordstrand, Hammerfest, Bø and Lyngdal.


Almost all the communities are located in the east and south east, except for Hammerfest, which is located in the north of the country.

During the summer camp 2015 we celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Faith and Light in Norway.