There are two Faith and Light communities in Estonia, one on the island Saaremaa, in Kuressaare, and the other in Lääne-Viru County in Rakvere.

   The group in Kuressare was founded in 2002, so they have celebrated their 15th anniversary. The group in Rakvere gathered for the first time in 2010.


   A Christmas party has become a tradition in Kuressare. In May there is a worship service to celebrate the annual success. After the service they have a picnic in one member’s family. Christmas and other festivities are celebrated in Rakvere as well. As we realised that it was too little to meet once a month, we organised a work centre to the church called Rakvere Community House where everybody can do work they are capable of for three days a week so far. Every last Friday we connect our activities with the suggested monthly topics of Faith and Light.

  Both communities organise a summer camp. In Saaremaa the camp takes place in August, including at least one night. A couple of times people from the continental Estonia could take part as well. In Saaremaa they like horse riding, but in Rakvere they love trips to the countryside and unknown places.

  Lack of money sets boundaries in organising the trips. In Kuressare the local community is well informed about the activities of the group through local newspapers. People are interested in them and they are supported accordingly. In 2002 Northern Pilgrimage took place in Rakvere and people were informed about it through local media.

   Although the two groups are located in distance from each other, we communicate with each other and meet as often as possible.

       Virge Nemvalts        Vice coordinator

The group in Rakvere

The group in Kuressaare