Helle Bjerre
Vice coordinator



Faith and Light in Denmark started after the first Faith and Light pilgrimage to Lourdes in 1971, with the first community in Elsinore – which finally moved to the Vesterbro part of Copenhagen. There have been several communities in Denmark but some discontinued  for various reasons. Today there are two aproved Faith and Light-communities in Copenhagen: One called The Vesterbro group, and the other called The Bethlehem group. The Bethehem group was aproved in february 2016. We had a big party with the parish of the Bethlehem Church to celebrate the occasion. We also had a visit from Faith and Light in Sweden. In North Jutland we have in Dronninglund, near Aalborg, an up-coming community. In Aarhus and on the nearby island of Samsø, work is underway to create a Faith and Light group - initially by organizing ecumenical services with Faith and Light-inspiration.

Each year in the spring, Faith and Light Denmark holds a meeting, for all interested Faith and Light-members. It includes time for togetherness, contemplation of the faith, worship, election of board members and a celebration. 

Faith and Light, Denmark, does not generally organize a summer camp but many of the members usually participate in a Faith and Sharing retreat. Here we spend a week, with our intellectually disabled friends, who lead us in living out our faith .

During this ecumenical and Scandinavian retreat  we meet friends from different churches and different countries. It is very rewarding.