Vägen, Sanningen och Båten -

The Way, the Truth and the Boat

This is a book about Faith and Light - the movement that wants to be a fellowship for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as their families and friends, and a place where we can all grow together in love for God and for each other.

We who have contributed to this book are members of the Faith and Light groups in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is a collection of stories by relatives of the disabled, of the disabled themselves and of those who join as friends in the groups. Each chapter is a piece in the jigsaw-puzzle, which together with the others gives an idea of ​​what Faith and Light is.

Our vision is that Faith and Light should be a guide for the churches, among other things by showing a liturgy that is more heart than brain, with a way to celebrate worship where we can let out the child in us, and show real joy and spontaneity. Our longing is for our friends with intellectual disabilities to have a natural and obvious place in the church fellowship.

The book is translated to english and you can read it here!


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