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Faith and Light

The Province of the Northern Lights

An international Christian association for people with intellectual disabilities, their parents and friends.


The Province of the Northern Lights consists of Faith and Light groups in Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

photo: Bud Kuenzli



Dear all Faith and Light groups

within the Northern Light Province


Be careful for nothing, but every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Phil 4, 6-7.)



We hope that you pray for each other and for Faith and Light. We feel that the praying community is valuable both for strengthening the contact between Faith and Light groups and for raising our common work in prayer to God.


The praying community is still organized in the way that pairs of groups are praying for each other. Please notice the survey enclosed, which is equal to the one you had last time. 



We will encourage you to exchange by e-mail the items to be prayed for and thanked for. There may be both joys and challenges. It would be nice if you could also exchange pictures and brief verbal notes about your groups, if you have not already done so. Make it all as concrete as possible for our friends. Perhaps you could find a map showing the extension of the province, and point out there where the group which you pray for is situated. Use your fantasy!


The items to be prayed for can be applied both at the meetings of the Faith and Light groups, the meetings of the steering groups, in services and elsewhere, at the discretion of the group. Many groups already have prescribed prayers for the service. In that case, the suggested items may be supplementary.



Common prayer:


Dear God!

Thank you for knowing us and loving us all. Help us to take care of each other and to take care of what you have created. Thank you for the Faith and Light community in the Northern Light province, and thank you for the new groups. Be our light and make impact on our lives so that we can be Faith and Light groups around the world the way you wish us to be.


In particular, we pray for Syria and Egypt and our Faith and Light friends there, who cannot meet because of the difficult situation in these countries. Hear the cries of pain and vulnerability from the victims of war. Hear them weep in hopelessness and despair. Hear the cries from mistreated children. Show mercy, God. Thank you for those who are there to help and make life easier for the suffering. Help them to find good solutions.


Thank you that we live in peaceful countries. Lord, help us so that we not ourselves become the cause of war, but live together in peace according to your will, until you make all things new in Christ Jesus.


We wish you all God's blessing in your prayers and in your Faith and Light efforts.


Best regards

Torunn Nateland, Modum group of Faith and Light (Norway)

Gudrun Klingsheim, Nedre Eiker group of Faith and Light (Norway)





Prayer Groups within Faith and Light

We suggest that the following pairs of groups mutually pray for each other:

Follo (Norway) and Kuressare (Estonia)

Lambertseter (Norway) and Gothenburg (Sweden)

Modum (Norway) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Lillesand (Norway) and Uppsala (Sweden) The two groups also pray for the aspiring group from Bø (Norway)

Flekkefjord (Norway) and Hammerfest (Norway)

Ål (Norway) and Vesterbro (Denmark)

Nedre Eiker (Norway) and Rakveere (Estonia) The two groups also pray for the aspiring group from Aarhus (Denmark)

Nordstrand (Norway) and Betlehem (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Kongsvinger (Norway) and Floby (Sweden)