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Faith and Light

The Province of the Northern Lights

An international Christian association for people with intellectual disabilities, their parents and friends.


The Province of the Northern Lights consists of Faith and Light groups in Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

photo: Bud Kuenzli

Events in the Province 2017




  • General Assembly and retreat, May
  • Faith and Fellowship-retreat/summer camp in Vadstena (Sweden,) August 7-13






  • Inspirational weekend in Solsetra, March 10-12
  • Summer camp, July 6-9



  • Summer camp in Vadstena, august 3-6
  • Faith and Fellowship-retreat in Vadstena, August 7-13






Next Province Council Meeting will be held in Norway,

12-14 january 2018.


Next Provincial Assembly will be in Denmark in october 2017.